Thursday, 29 March 2012

Frictionless Man by Ian Hawley

I was amazed it actually worked
After months of research I was finally ready, I’d donned my costume and mask, all I had to do then was to spray myself with the Micro-Mist-Molecular formula (MMMF - Patent Pending) and I would be invincible.

I’d set the pistol to fire on a timer, I know it was rather a dangerous way to test my theory, but it had worked in practice on so many other things that there wasn’t really any chance of failure. So, now with my costume in place I sprayed, smelling the lemon scent
I had added as the MMMF filled all the open molecules on my clothing and my skin.

Once completed, friction would cease for me, bullets would be unable to impact, fists would glance harmlessly away, nothing would touch me, I could fall from any height and avoid the impact, well that’s the idea anyway, and I felt it was the perfect solution to my hero problem.

My heart pumped heavily in my chest as I wait for the final seconds to pass and I closed my eyes just before the gun fired…

When I opened my eyes I could see the smoking gun but there was no impact, no pain, no open chest wound, was that a success?
I checked over my body and there was no blood, the bullet deflected somewhere else, without friction it has nothing to stop it and it must have hit the wall somewhere, but the important thing is that I was alive.

To be frictionless is to be truly free.

I felt so proud, so energised at what I had done, to have actually succeeded in the field that Galileo had only thought about all those years ago. I felt proud, and I had to share my proudest moment with someone so I reached for my phone, realising too late that I cannot touch it, due to the lack of friction.

I tried to walk to the door, but my frictionless feet fail to move me, I shout for help but my voice box cannot reverberate without friction, that’s my gun made no sound as it had fired.

So, it’s a success of sorts, I can’t even move my eyes to look around anymore as they have no friction and I think my lungs are starting to act up as well, I can’t feel my hands anymore as the blood is stopping flowing as the heart loses its grip.
Maybe I should have tested it more on a rabbit or something else, guess it’s a little late now, it’s just me and my subconscious, at least there is no friction ther…

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