Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Power of Shapeshifting by Samuel Gore

'So what now, oh great evil one?'

'Uh, we wait.'

'For what? Can't we go on holiday or something?'

'Not yet, the Justice League still haven't stopped me.'

'How do you know they will?'

'Oh Henchman#2, they always come.'

'Sir, I've been meaning to ask.'

'Hmmm, what?'

'Why isn't there a Henchman#1?'

'Ah simple psychology, the right hand man always tries to overthrow his boss. Don't you read?'

'Not really sir, who has the time these days.'

'Very true. Maybe we do need a holiday. After all. I think I've earned it.'

'That you have sir and may I add, it was an excellent strategy.'

'Yes, well. I'm surprised I didn't think about being the Secretary-General before.'

'Well, if you remember rightly, it was I who...'

'Crete, that's a suitable location for an evil emperor to kick back, isn't it?'

'I guess, sir. Out of curiosity, what are you going to use the UN for?'

'Maybe Moscow... It's not too cold this time of year.'

'Good choice sir, but the UN. What's the plan?'

'Evil, Henchman#2, evil.'

'Yes, but what in particular.'

'Oh, right I guess I should prepare a little something for when they turn up.'

'Who sir?'

'The Justice League. Do keep up.'

'Forgive me sir, well may I suggest Article 97.'

'Is that the free drinks one?'

'No sir, it allows you to make a universal government headed by yourself.'

'Ah ha. That will do nicely. Wait, did you hear something?'

'Yes, I did. And that's the alarm. I think they're here sir.'

'You don't say. Right I need to hide, plant or giant machine?'

'I think you were plant last time. You sort of stuck out like a sore thumb on the submarine.'

'Machine it is. Thanks Henchman#2, you've been a loyal worker.'

'Dont mention it my lord. '

'No really, I consider you my right hand man.'

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